DeLONG Custom Award Jackets

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Available Colors, Trim & Knit Patterns
Color Chart Genuine Leather Naugahyde Nude Leather Wool
Academy Blue X     X
Black 51 X X   X
Black 5N     X  
Bone TP X      
Brown 44 X     X
Buck Tan (old gold) 14 X X    
Burnt Orange 03 X      
Cardinal 79 X     X
Columbia Blue 52 X X   X
Cranberry 89       X
Cream 05 X X    
Dark Green AC       X
Dark Kelly 36       X
Dark Royal 73       X
Dolphin Blue 07       X
Forest Green 67 X X   X
Gold 53 X X   X
Grey 58 X X   X
Kelly 57 X X   X
Light Cardinal 39       X
Light Grey LG X     X
Light Navy 6N       X
Light Old Gold 63       X
Light Scarlet 49       X
Maroon 59 X X   X
Military Navy 46 X X   X
Natural 55 X X    
Orange 54 X X   X
Palomino 04 X      
Purple 66 X X   X
7000 Purple 26       X
Royal Blue 72 X X   X
Royal B4 90       X
Royal 27 32       X
Scarlet 69 X X   X
Teal Blue 27       X
Tennessee Orange 48       X
Texas Orange 64   X   X
Vanilla VA X      
Vegas Gold 43 X     X
White 56 X X   X
Willow 12 X      

Pattern 2 (3-Color)


Pattern 3 (2-Color)


Pattern 4 (2-Color)


Pattern 5 (2-Color)


Pattern 7 (2-Color)


Pattern 8 (3-Color)


Pattern 9 (3-Color)


Pattern A (2-Color)

Trim Trim 

Pattern S (Solid)


Pattern T (3-Color)

Award Jacket Collar Styles

*Style #1: Sailor Collar

*Style #2: Zip Divided Hood
*Style #2B: Zip Divided Hood without Snaps

*Style #3: Zip Sailor Collar

Style #G: “Whiting Style”
Single Ply Rib Knit Trim with Rolled Cuffs

Style #7: Knit Stand-up Collar, No Charge

Style #8: Byron Knit Collar

Stand-up Collar
Style #11: Genuine Leather
Style #12: Wool
Style #14: Premium Leather

Style #6 Matching Self-Material Byron Collar
*Style #4: 1- or 2-Color Wool Byron Collar Contrasts Body
Style #5: Leather Byron Collar
Style #15: Byron Collar, Wool Upside, Leather Underside
Style #16: Byron Collar, Leather Upside, Wool Underside and will Match Body Color
Style #19: Leather Byron Banded
Style #20: Byron Banded, Leather Upside, Wool Underside and will Match Body Color
Style #21: Wool Byron Banded

Cuff: Leather, Naugahyde and Wool

Waistband Insert
Style #GL: Genuine Leather

Inside Pockets

*White-56 and Gold-53 hood and sailor collars are standard using fleece fabric. White Wool-W6 and Gold Wool-W3 are optional at no charge.