Fingertip Coat Award Jackets

Fingertip Coat Award Jackets

This jacket length ends at the student’s fingertips, does not have an elastic waistband and has two sleeve options. Set-in sleeves have seams at the shoulders, and the raglan sleeves begin at the neck with no seams along the shoulders.

  • 24 oz. Melton Wool (80% wool / 20% nylon)
  • Raglan or Set-in Sleeves
  • Quilt or Nylon Lining
  • Leather, Naugahyde or Matching Wool Sleeves
  • Zip Down Lining Standard on Adult Sizes
  • Optional Closed Lining Available
  • Refer to Price List for Options
  • Sizes: Adult XS-4XL
Sleeve Size Lining Style
Set-in Leather Adult Nylon 118A
  Adult Quilt 218A
Set-in Wool Adult Nylon 117A
  Adult Quilt 217A
Raglan Leather Adult Nylon 148A
  Adult Quilt 248A
Raglan Wool Adult Nylon 147A
  Adult Quilt 247A
Raglan Naugahyde Adult Nylon 142A
Adult Sizes
30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56* 58-60
Varsity Jacket Set-In Sleeves
Available Colors, Trim & Knit Patterns
Color Chart Genuine Leather Naugahyde Nude Leather Wool
Academy Blue X     X
Black 51 X X   X
Black 5N     X  
Bone TP X      
Brown 44 X     X
Buck Tan (old gold) 14 X X    
Burnt Orange 03 X      
Cardinal 79 X     X
Columbia Blue 52 X X   X
Cranberry 89       X
Cream 05 X X    
Dark Green AC       X
Dark Kelly 36       X
Dark Royal 73       X
Dolphin Blue 07       X
Forest Green 67 X X   X
Gold 53 X X   X
Grey 58 X X   X
Kelly 57 X X   X
Light Cardinal 39       X
Light Grey LG X     X
Light Navy 6N       X
Light Old Gold 63       X
Light Scarlet 49       X
Maroon 59 X X   X
Military Navy 46 X X   X
Natural 55 X X    
Orange 54 X X   X
Palomino 04 X      
Purple 66 X X   X
7000 Purple 26       X
Royal Blue 72 X X   X
Royal B4 90       X
Royal 27 32       X
Scarlet 69 X X   X
Teal Blue 27       X
Tennessee Orange 48       X
Texas Orange 64   X   X
Vanilla VA X      
Vegas Gold 43 X     X
White 56 X X   X
Willow 12 X      

Pattern 2 (3-Color)


Pattern 3 (2-Color)


Pattern 4 (2-Color)


Pattern 5 (2-Color)


Pattern 7 (2-Color)


Pattern 8 (3-Color)


Pattern 9 (3-Color)


Pattern A (2-Color)

Trim Trim 

Pattern S (Solid)


Pattern T (3-Color)

Award Jacket Collar Styles

*Style #1: Sailor Collar

*Style #2: Zip Divided Hood
*Style #2B: Zip Divided Hood without Snaps

*Style #3: Zip Sailor Collar

Style #G: “Whiting Style”
Single Ply Rib Knit Trim with Rolled Cuffs

Style #7: Knit Stand-up Collar, No Charge

Style #8: Byron Knit Collar

Stand-up Collar
Style #11: Genuine Leather
Style #12: Wool
Style #14: Premium Leather

Style #6 Matching Self-Material Byron Collar
*Style #4: 1- or 2-Color Wool Byron Collar Contrasts Body
Style #5: Leather Byron Collar
Style #15: Byron Collar, Wool Upside, Leather Underside
Style #16: Byron Collar, Leather Upside, Wool Underside and will Match Body Color
Style #19: Leather Byron Banded
Style #20: Byron Banded, Leather Upside, Wool Underside and will Match Body Color
Style #21: Wool Byron Banded

Cuff: Leather, Naugahyde and Wool

Waistband Insert
Style #GL: Genuine Leather

Inside Pockets

*White-56 and Gold-53 hood and sailor collars are standard using fleece fabric. White Wool-W6 and Gold Wool-W3 are optional at no charge.